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About Me

I'm a published illustrator with a degree in advertising & design winner of 3 juried art contests~artist in residence in the Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville & landscape oil painter - but when I found out a Barbie could be re-painted... it was OVER WITH! A doll's face became my new canvas & the real fun began! To combine my two loves is just too good to be true!

I received my first Barbie  in 1959, when I was 6. She was a blonde ponytail, and I named her Ruth. She began a massive collection that included every doll Mattel made in duplicates & sometimes triplicates until I was 14 when I decided I was too old to play with them anymore. I had Barbies, Kens, Midge, Francie, Casey, Skipper, Scooter, Ricky, Alan... all of them! Also Babette, who was the mean girl, because she sat wrong and her head always fell off (ha) . Also two gorgeous blonde Suzettes, and several GI Joes (they made way better boyfriends! ) When I was 18, I donated my beloved dolls to a local charity at Christmas. AAHHHHH!

Now, I'm having fun playing with Barbies once again and have added other Dolls such as Fashion Royalty, & Monster High. These Dolls are repainted, Permed, & They Receive Rooted Lashes.  Redesigning fashions or Creating Handmade Fashions is a blast!
I've made so many Doll Friends & I love it when a buyer sends me pictures of one of my Ooak dolls, dressed and happy in her new home

~About my cover diorama~
It took me 4 hours to set this up! These are some of my "working" girls, all dressed up in this fun scene. Veronique, my logo model, is wearing an "Aponi Design" Fashion by Judy O'Connell All of the food is by renown Barbie Chef, Chef Gina My girls have been re-painted, permed, and Veronique has had a re-root. I call my dolls "working girls" because I use them as models to sell fashions in my E-Bay store!
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